Entheos “Dark Future”

The band packed with some of metal’s most brilliant minds makes their return with an incredible record that cannot be ignored. While their debut was so intense and aggressive it may have been a challenge for the common listener to dive in, it was still packed with genius ideas and fruitful ambitions that were executed at a high level. Their follow up finds the band using all the tools in their arsenal without needing to prove to anyone how skilled they are at their instruments. Instead, the songwriting has catapulted to new heights. Instead of showing us everything they can do in the first thirty seconds, the group eases into the record and the explosive first half has songs that reach into territory not heard since Between The Buried And Me’s Colors, without straying past the five minute mark. Certainly each one of these members has a past worth mentioning and diving into, but leave it to this release to make a splash for these incredibly gifted prog metallers, who seamlessly tied in elements of death metal and sound experimentation into one of the year’s most impressive releases.

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