Gwar “The Blood Of Gods”

It’s hard to even converse about this release without acknowledging the major shifts of the band throughout the years and Brockie’s passing. Gwar attempts to relive life before Oderus, and introduce a former members who hasn’t been with the band in over thirty years. While the band still rips steadily with their same demeanor, the soul that made the band is entirely missing. Brockie wasn’t just the frontman and singer for the band, he was practically the entire identity of the band on record. He did countless voices on countless records, told stories and read letters with such creativity, that his presence shaped the entire vision of their releases. With this release, it’s clear that it will be impossible to replicate or fit anyone else in his shoes as long as the band remains intact.
     Sure, Gwar has a new singer, but he’s hardly a substitute. It’s not just about slapping some guy up there with a costume and having him sing the classics and barge over a few new ones. It’s about the characters, the story, the plot line, the creativity and the illustrious, animated uproar Oderus would instill in Gwar albums that made them who they were. It’s great the band is trying to keep the legacy alive, but it’s probably best if the schtick is put to rest. Without Orderus, it’s like watching a high school play without proper lighting. It feels like just a bunch of random kids up there struggling to make a point, clawing at their roles. Even though it was never their goal, it’s getting harder and harder to take these guys seriously.

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