Like Moths To Flames “Dark Divine”

There was a time when starting your set with an audio sample of steal crushing metal or machinery whirring steadily was a way to begin a brutal set launched into a breakdown. That time is probably almost twenty years ago, and these bands who think they can cling onto the past decade worth of metalcore development need to rip off what August Burns Red is doing now, and not what Attack! Attack! did on their last record before disbanding. This is stale material attempting to break out, but there aren’t any breakthrough hooks, and there’s no super animated lead or some exemplary drum performance. This is all music that is just there for the sake of being. There’s no real conflict or reason behind some of this material, and if there is a soul found somewhere, it’s overlooked entirely by the monotony of the content. Maybe there is some growth for the band between releases, but regardless, if we were still buying CDs on release, this could be one we could skip.

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