Lionheart “Welcome To The West Coast II”

Lionheart’s brand of no frills, barebones hardcore has stood the test of time. When the band announced their farewell it was a climactic conclusion to a chapter in the scene that seemed to be understood and embraced. But the band couldn’t stay away for long and realized that you can still play music with your friends and record music without being homeless to do it. It’s clear the members all have competing priorities in their personal lives which contributed to them throwing in the towel in the first place. It’s unfortunate that the band has to spell it out for us on their opener “Cali Stomp” with a laughable talking bit about taking a break before returning. This unfortunately impacts the entire release, making it seem forced and unnecessary. The band could have easily just played shows if they didn’t want to phone in a record and continue their legacy. The band is back, but the drive we heard on The Will To Survive, Built On Struggle, or even Undisputed just doesn’t make itself apparent. 

*Try and catch the band’s erroneous bio on Apple Music while it’s still up there.

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