Ne Obliviscaris “Urn”

For those unfamiliar with the band, Ne Obliviscaris provide the type of material that only esteemed Prog Rock elites can compose, with tracks packed with instrumentation, varying elements of soothing hymns and thunderous uproar, highly reminiscent of early Opeth and even Cradle Of Filth. On their latest release, the band composes a masterpiece, packed with material, that takes the listener on a wild journey through multiple dimensions, animated with sonic delight for even the most calloused listener. The only drawback is the tracklisting, which is only six songs, but is practically an hour’s worth of material. This makes the record a very challenging listen, for anyone who’d ever want to quickly access some of the highlights. Some of these tracks just go on forever that makes repeated listens incredibly challenging. Otherwise, for those interested, this makes great road trip fodder.

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