Winds Of Plague “Blood Of My Enemy”

When Winds Of Plague first felt success, MySpace was still a dominating form of exposure and bands like As Blood Runs Black ran the world. Ten years later, the Internet has exploded and caught up with everyone who pretended to be doing something worth anyone’s attention. While the band has been mostly inactive for the last five years, their emergence is slightly underwhelming with their recent collection of metalcore inspired, haunting melodies. While the vocals are as straightforward as ever, the riffs as monotonous as every other modern metal release, and the band is nowhere near perfection in regards to the keyboards on this release, which feel random and forced in every direction. Playing music sure is fun, especially with friends and family, and a label who seems to take an active monetary interest in the band. But this feels washed up, and it’s unfortunate the distributors didn’t find another act to invest in to save those resources for something that could really take the genre to the next level.

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