Ghost “Ceremony And Devotion”

Time has proven that surprise releases are hardly beneficial for a band interested in capitalizing their market share. In the digital age,  it’s crucial to push your product as much as possible before unleashing it into the world and letting it get sucked up with the rest of mixed media released that exact second, only to be replaced with countless new releases almost immediately a moment after. A record’s release campaign should be one of the most important moments of the records’s longevity. Live records can perhaps be an exception to the rule, and Ghost deliver a surprise addition to their catalogue just in time for the holidays.
     But without the proper vinyl preorder package bundled alongside the band’s merchandise, hardly any income is extracted from the digital release, so it’s clear the band is only interested in sharing their artistic merit with the public. The record exposes the band’s live show, focusing on catalogue highlights delivered exceptionally well, and executed almost exactly as they are on record. In the end, it’s a fans only affair here, or those new to the band looking for a greatest hits of sorts to try and get their foot in the door.

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