Glassjaw “Material Control”

That one foot bass pedal drive is back! With incessant guitar wankery and bass noodles galore, Glassjaw kick open that rusty gate with their trademark 1-2 punch. It’s so great to have them back and practically picking up right where they left off fifteen years ago. Sure, some of this material may be rehashed riffage and wailing remixed and collaged for the purpose of a new release, but many reviews seem to pinpoint the continuity between the release and the rest of the band’s cultishly iconic back catalogue. But why is no one calling out how comparable this is to Look What I Did’s Minute Man For The Moment release back from 2005? Some of this stuff sounds like it was practically plucked from that record, even if it did technically rip off Glassjaw in the first place over ten years ago. 
     There are some deep moments here that break up the pummeling from being monotonous, like “Strange Hours,” and the eclectic “Pompeii” or the fact that every song title is lowercase, and that the band is perhaps trying to show their artsy flare a little too hard with almost too much filler that’s almost too much to handle, but shouldn’t really distract anyone from the good stuff. But hits like the album opener, “Citizen,” and the super cool “Closer,” make for a compelling addition to their track listing, and should cement as true classics in the group’s set over time. The record definitely lingers, but with good merit. Hopefully, this is enough to have solid replay value with as much meat on the bone as ever before so we can carry on into our fifties not anticipating another release.

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