Morbid Angel “Kingdoms Disdained”

It’s been a career in the making for the force of reckoning, and the monolithic brand of brutality is in full effect on the band’s ninth full length. The production of the record is superb, charting unique territory, where the bass and drums churn mechanically in unison throughout the entire listen. The riffs are so profoundly “them” that the band is fine tuning their reputation as the true behemoth of the genre. Sure, Cannibal Corpse released an excellent record this year and it was extremely convincing, but it’s nothing of this caliber. That record had its time in the spotlight, but on the death metal spectrum of 2017, this one takes the biggest slice out of the cake. 
     From the consistent cycling of grooves in intensity, to the forceful bellows of Trey Azagthoth’s low guttural, this is how the sound was meant to be experienced. There aren’t any useless solos, guitar wankery, or noodling sorcery, instead there is just persistence in continuing to sustain an undeniable strength of performance. Morbid Angel are back in character, and hopefully just in time to polish off a few year end lists.

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