Black Veil Brides “Vale”

It’s been a long and interesting road for the young rockers who are now celebrating their fifth album. Alongside Andy Black, is a slew of aspiring musicians striving for rockstar glory. And for all it’s worth, it’s already been attained. Without even addressing the record, the act comes with so much acclaim from social media that regardless of their output, the band will achieve a positive reaction and drive scans globally to land them somewhere respectable on the charts after their first week.
     But for those who are interested in going deeper, there’s actually plenty of meat on the bone to digest. The band writes anthems meant to pack arenas, with big choruses, digestible hooks, and lean verses that make it simple to be infected by the contagious pop tendencies. Sure, this isn’t breathtakingly brutal metal, but it’s clear to see how this will soon be taking the headlining slots on those European festivals once the legacy acts start to drop off and appeals to a wide net to drive attendance.

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