Of Mice & Men “Defy”

We’ll start off by saying how surprising it is that Austin Carlile exiting the band caused such minimal raucous. The band kept their billing slots on the festivals, are still touring gleefully, and seem to actually be getting praise on their fifth album. Sure there was a little social media mud slinging, but back at the band’s HQ things are still looking as hot as ever. Jamie’s Elsewhere second singer takes the lead here, and it sounds average. The music seems like it always has been, and the band is aiming for alternative gold. They just might get it, if they can keep sustaining their marketable sound and continue to tour more than ever to get their sound to new people, who may have never seen the band in any other form. The aim seems to be to get this on the radio, and let this be the band’s first actual record, and to some people it very well may be.

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