Senses Fail “If There Is Light, It Will Find You”

Twenty years into their career, Senses Fail march on with a solid slab of new tracks, presenting a dozen instant classics for their lush catalogue. The bubble gum is all there, and the melodies and verses are so sugary, it’s only at the halfway mark that you need to take a glance at the tracklisting to make sure you don’t ooze out of the chair before the album is finished. It’s unfortunate Chris Hornbrook walked away from this band. It seemed like he had so much to offer the group, and even though it’s a mystery as to whether or not he’s on this record or not (I guess I’ll have to buy the physical album and read the booklet to check on the personnel), it’s been a great home for him as one of the best drummers in the hardcore community. This is a great record.

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