Between The Buried And Me “Automata I”

It’s so hard to imagine a band that started out so humbly, loitered with so much change and variability manage to survive and make it to their eighth release. Before their third record, the band had transitioned almost a dozen members before this lineup finally stuck and continued to evolve in time. While each release continued to push the band further regarding skill and craftsmanship, there were only a handful of misteps in what has otherwise been nothing but a sensational career.
     Sure, the band played their fair share of toilet seat venues, but through it all they’ve managed to reach credible success and gain ultimate respect from the community. On their latest catalogue installment, the band wants to do nothing but sustain that legacy. The record kicks off with an aggressive piece that transitions right into a different type of beat we haven’t heard from the group yet. There are influences from The Silent Circus and Alaska sprinkled throughout, and it’s crucial to note just how complete their sound is in their latest form. Their signature execution is once again polished by Jamie King who has been spoon-feeding the band in the studio since the dark ages.
     It’s always a pleasure to hear what the band has in store with each record. They’re certainly not an act to ignore even if you are a purist who walked away ten years ago when the band let some of its death metal features fade into the background. But if you consider the transformations that bands like Hundredth, Pianos Become The Teeth, or even Thrice and Poison The Well have made throughout their storied career, and compare BTBAM’s transition to those acts, it’s clear that the band has a set vision in mind and never actually strayed too far from their origins. Automata is a pleasurable listen, with a few sensational surprises, and here’s to hoping part II stays on a relevant path.

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