Of Feather And Bone “Bestial Hymns Of Perversion”

Of Feather And Bone might as well be the last grindcore band to emerge and execute at such a high level. Aside from the legacy of the Relapse catalogue, it’s very rare for this type of genre to emerge and sustain its presence in the metal community. It’s a tough sound to execute, and the market is so small, that it’s only fair for acts to shift their scope or disband their efforts. There’s Full Of Hell and Organ Dealer, but other than that, no “grindcore” acts come to mind that have taken over the spotlight. 
     This record brings seven tracks of heat to the table. Inhuman blast beats and monster vocals plague its entirety, and there’s a few moments where the dudes reach up for air which in essence become epicenters of the album (moments which can maybe be classified as breakdowns?) But for the majority of the release its nonstop force, making it challenging for repeat listens. That being said, the band delivered the goods on their latest addition to their catalogue, it’ll probably take them more than a handful of Summer Slaughter and Devastation of the Nation stints to get the attention the so rightfully deserve in a scene that’s borderline microscopic in nature.

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