Will Haven “Muerte”

The band has had a long career lurking in the shadows. To find their only national tour, you’d have to go back to 2000 when the band went out with Slipknot in their formative years after direct support from the now defunct Kittie. While the band never really took off out of the darkness, they maintained a level of respect amongst scene elitists who valued their unique niche dearly. The band’s signature sound of consistent, diminished strums layered by persistent barks has been at the root of their entire discography, and hasn’t strayed regardless of who was in the band. So it would be absolutely ridiculous to expect anything else from a band who’s put out half a dozen records that all mirror each another. 
     Will Haven know their strengths, and Muerte certainly amplifies them. The album is tracked flawlessly, so each track fits into a cohesive whole. There’s a few surprises sprinkled in there with a guest appearance on the vocal department, and Stephen Carpentar’s obvious intrusion to the epic album highlight/closer “El Sol.” But for a band that hasn’t had the professional touch of a “mystery man” in the studio and seems to be doing the majority of this on their own, they continue to deliver on a high standard. This may just be the record that lines the band up proper in the digital age to finally land them the recognition they so rightfully deserve.

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