Rivers Of Nihil “Where Owls Know My Name”

Continuing their evolution of thought provoking mind altering tech death, the band transforms into a Rubik’s cube of combinations, showcasing a vast capacity with previously unexplored musical tendencies. Where Rivers’ prior work was strictly aligned to brutality, and shot tracks to the moon packed with blast beats, unimaginable double bass, and psychotic riffage and throat destruction highly comparable to late Beneath The Massacre, their third record bangs a hard left on life, infusing countless elements of jazz, folk, prog, and most importantly, their signature technical brutal death metal sound. 
     Just check out the title track if you din’t believe. From the vocal exploration of melody, to the delicious saxophone solo there’s just too much to dissect at first listen. The beautiful thing is that in spite of all this diversity, the band does not neglect their roots. Each song weaves in and out of multiple genres seamlessly, and throughout the record’s progression it’s a true pleasure to listen to. It’s an album that’s full of surprises that’s definitely an assertive step for the act into uncharted territory to separate themselves from monotony.

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