Stone Temple Pilots “Stone Temple Pilots”

The singer here is Jeff Gutt who joined the band after Chester’s departure not more than two years ago. All legacy aside, the album is a pretty mundane collection of B+ alternative that should add a couple bucks to their campaign. Gutt is a decent singer, who steps up to the spotlight of the ghosts preceding him, but there’s just nothing really here besides the STP brand to make this an enticing listen. If the cover had the title Roses For Emma written on the cover, I don’t think anyone would ever turn their head to the content captured here. 
     As the band is scheduled to perform on a few big stages this year, it makes sense for the act to pump out a takeaway for fans to grasp onto on their way out through the turnstiles. But for those looking for a Mega Millions resurgence in line with how Alice In Chains handled their creative process, there aren’t really any highlights I recall worth mentioning, or any ballads that pop to make this a necessary addition to the band’s already iconic discography.

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