Rolo Tomassi “Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It”

Every once in a while a record comes out that’s so revolutionary, it’s almost obvious that it’s declaring a prophecy for the community as a whole. The Silent Circus felt like that. Turnstile's first full length felt like that. Not that this record is anything like those two, but those were sidestep albums that, even though weren’t the highlights of their discography, set the tone for what’s to come from the aggressive music space.
     What’s captured here is part vocal coos, packed with a brutal Converge-esque bark layered amongst emotional strums that dive into breakdowns, blast beats just like Deafheaven, and poetry stuffed into every sentence of the material lyrics. At first listen there’s just absolutely too much to take in. It isn’t until the second and especially the third listen, where the substance is clear and becomes expected that is becomes manageable to navigate this experience. It truly is a remarkable record, released at a time where it’s almost impossible to stand out unless you’re A Day To Remember.

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