Too Pure To Die “Only The True Remain”

Ten years later, the band resurfaces and throws an EP onto the dance floor. This is standard fare for fans of Lionheart, Stick To Your Guns, and Recon, and it’s great to see the act take a new approach to the band. If you weren’t there back then, this new release is here to take you back there now.
     Too Pure To Die’s resurgence is a testament that there’s no need for bands to abandon all hope if they can’t hack it out on the road for their entire life. The music has always been more important than the shows in my opinion, and as long as the band can still get together to perform at all, there is no need to slug it out in the wild for ten months of the year and put that strain on the group.
     Staying local, playing a handful of curated shows, and releasing quality music should be the priority to sustain mental health where it’s sometimes completely neglected, thus impacting the longevity of many acts. For those artists that are interested in being in the field 80% of the year, let them take the crown. Hopefully alongside quality output and that varied dedication, we will have our next class of proper headliners. But it’s crucial to note that not everyone is going to get to the top of that mountain. It’s also worth considering that perhaps, not everyone wants to.

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