Turnstile “Time & Space”

One of the most anticipated releases of the year drops in Q1 to provide plenty of time for AOTY consideration. While the band has taken the scene by storm, their effort on Nonstop Feeling was so impactful that the band had huge momentum, and loads of pressure to deliver an equally satiating follow-up. 
     And they deliver! Time & Space is as Turnstile as things get with each track catering to a different strength of their audio assault. From Yates’ howl and varying coo, to Franz’ random efforts on the mic, to the wide variety of sounds of keys, electro bleeps, and claps that smear throughout each track to pack lush layering to generate super creative songs, the album just bangs. 
     It’s all over rather quick, and for so much going on it’s surprising the band is able to pack it all in under thirty minutes. With as much as time as the band spends on the road, there’s no doubt that their momentum will catapult the act to heightened success. We’ll just have to see how the rest of the year plays out before this receives the crown.

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