BOTM - April - Sanction

Sanction. Long Island, NY. While the town has been littered with heavy weights emerging from the underground since the inception of aggressive counterculture, band’s like Incendiary, Hangman, Heal, and Jukai have recently presented their case for the crown. Sanction is amongst the latest to rise from the influence of such dominant origins, bringing back to mind metal that’s highly reminiscent of 7 Angels 7 Plagues and As The Sun Sets. While their release “The Infringement Of God’s Plan” is very brief, it’s also super punctual and to the point, and showcases endless potential for a band that seems hungry to conquer and is willing to work hard (and there is finally a respectable pre order for the outing). 
     The band’s local shows have been packed and the act recently landed the opening slot on the Thy Art Is Murder co-headliner with Dying Fetus. Hopefully that’s the right place for them to sling some merch and stash some savings to help them invest in a proper full length. It’s only fitting that Pure Noise scooped the band and put them in a place that they deserve to be. I was calling for it to happen by the end of this run, but it’s nice they get the support in advance. Check out a few of the tracks on the playlist @therecentlyadded MUSIC 

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