Caliban “Elements”

Someone needs to call the boys in Germany and let them know metalcore has moved on without them. It’s clear that the Caliban camp is as stubborn as a mule when it comes to developing their signature, B+ metallic sound. The breakdowns and the leads are from page three of the scene’s guidebook, and track after track the group ignorantly blast through tracks that have all been recorded countless times on Parkway Drive and August Burns Red records. Some of this stuff may have even been rehashed from Caliban’s own catalogue. It is important to note that what Caliban does, they do well, and everyone in the band holds themselves up to a high standard and are proficient in their instruments. It’s just impossible not to feel uninspired by the record,  and it honestly feels like it’s time for this act to put this tiresome hobby aside if they’re just going to be playing a covers album of the same record from they recorded three years ago.

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