Slugdge “Esoteric Malacology”

Seemingly out of nowhere, this brilliant, slug-themed technical death metal band emerges to take hold of scene’s the reigns left behind by bands like Decrepit Birth and The Faceless. While both acts may still be relatively (subjectively) functional, it’s clear that heavyweights like Aborted and Dying Fetus still continue to dominate the scene this many years later, leaving an open door for new acts to make an effort to plow through. There’s certainly more metal than death here, even though this record is highly aggressive and at times overwhelming. What’s special about Slugdge is their wide variety of antics, from a varied vocal approach that showcases intelligible, decipherable lyrics, to the ear splitting gurgles and creative pops of the bass that layers the technical display of the lead and rhythm section. There’s so much on display here that it’s going to take as much effort as it takes to listen to an Entheos record to truly understand.

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