Kittie “Origins/Evolutions Live”

From humble beginnings, the Canadian rock outfit share their career project, which is a culmination of their entire legacy, packaged into a live record and documentary. The band highlights their youthful origins and their naivety moderately as they outline their success throughout their twenty year career, and dish it up with a live record packed with their discography’s highlights. There’s a huge development for the act between records and it’s important to note the change from Oracle to their later records In The Black and I’ve Failed You. This release is preaching to the choir, with most of this directed to fans familiar with the band’s story, only to highlight some peeks and valleys many didn’t know about and may find amusing. The live record is produced well, with some of the songs being revived a bit, even though songs like “Brackish” and “Spit” didn’t really translate well through time. It’s interesting to watch and see the band’s evolution, and even if you aren’t a fan of the band’s music, it’s still a great story about a young band that’s worked incredibly hard, captured and edited incredibly well.

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