Light The Torch “Revival”

Another year, another Howard Jones record. While Devil You Know had dysfunctional beginnings, Light The Torch deliver one of the frontman’s most tolerable releases in years. It seems as if Jones has finally found the right angle for his monstrous, melodic bellows as to not overwhelm the earlobes of modern metal fans, and keep things in an admirable range. Where Jones continues to fall short is his aggressive tendencies. At times it’s just not believable, being paired with such high overtones that consistently take us down his throat, there are times I wish he would just go full death metal like he did on the infamous Spirals record that came out in 2003. But that will never happen, and it’s unfortunate because even for all the work Jones’ put into his career, Light The Torch will probably just be an opener on a Trivium run throughout North America before they fade away into oblivion.

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