Underoath “Erase Me”

It seems as if all the early 00’s metalcore acts that faded into the mist of the scene are starting to make a resurgence. There’s countless hype of endless acts pumping out records with gaps in years of activity. Snapcase, Boysetsfire, Bleeding Through, and now Underoath amongst countless others all seem to be coming out of the woodwork (and with good reason) to try and capitalize on their namesake for the intention of notoriety and reliving their youthful glory. Many acts that played basements and sheds and rooms smaller than 150 capacity are now starting to grace the festival rosters in respectable font size.
     In Underoath’s case, this one has been a long time in the making. The six piece has been out on the road making an effort to sustain relevancy before dropping a record that may have seen to be contrived basically out of nowhere to many who weren’t exactly following along. While the album isn’t the band’s best work or most polished representation of what they do best, this is a mature Underoath writing borderline alternative, radio-sensible tracks that could essentially spring them to modest locations, and alongside their legacy catalogue, could make for a promising resurgence. There isn’t a single breakdown on the entire album, the keys are faded into the background, and the aggression is kept to Linkin Park tendencies. But with the way things are taking shape in the music scene and Avenged Sevenfold headlining Download this summer, there may be a strong case for the band to rise to the occasion. 

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