Tesseract “Sonder”

Most bands struggle to find the right frontman before they even get out of the rehearsal room. For Tesseract that is just simply not the case having just delivered their second record with their fifth frontman since their inception. What’s wild is that all of their singers have all been incredibly crafty and super skillful and all could have standout careers as singers on their right, but it seems like a highly intricate environment, that seems to push these vocalists to the limit. Sonder is a direct example of this trait, as the band twists and turn within a highly complex, and technical djent release that pops with grooves and detailed arrangements that provide a solid canvass for Daniel Tompkins to attempt a verse/chorus delivery. The only downside is the vocalists approach to deliver endless lines of prose and cadence over long measures of the band’s polyrhythm jams. It just sounds forced and out of place. Humming, or maybe even keyboards should be introduced in its place until those breakout moments of epic greatness finally arrive. Either way, it’s another standout record for a band that’s somehow managed to sustain and stay active even with all of their turbulent lineup shifts. Maybe Tompkins is here to stay.

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