Bleeding Through “Love Will Kill All”

After the band walked away six years ago and hung up their antics, it didn’t seem likely that we’d ever have another record to review from the band who practically invented black metal hardcore. Sure, there was always Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir who owned the rights to the elements that packed demonic keys alongside brutal death metal riffs, blast beats and guttural vocals. But Bleeding Through, regardless of execution, always did remain a “hardcore” band, even when their sound teetered on the borders of straight-up black metal. While the band’s first three records helped them develop a sound, it wasn’t until The Truth and Declaration where the band showcased their polished, mature sound they practically crafted all on their own. 
     On their latest record, not much can be said that’s revolutionary here, as it’s clear the band haven’t worked out their songwriting chops in ages. While the formula is still very much Bleeding Through, the songs don’t pack a punch like their pinnacle records, or even match excellence of the self titled or the preceding album in ingenuity. It’s a short listen so it passes by brief and doesn’t linger, but there aren’t any hymns or ballads that standout, and the brutal moments don’t seem all that assertive. There are a few glimpses of hope sprinkled throughout and it’s clear Marta is highlighted practically more so than ever for some reason, but in the end, this will just be the record that helped the band get back out on the road and onto the summer festivals should they be so interested to ever leave California.

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