BOTM - May - Power Trip

Power Trip. Dallas, TX. Many of us who loved thrash growing up got into Metallica and Slayer during their 90’s revival, when “Load” and “Diabolus In Musica” dropped as laughable additions to the legacy catalogues (now those are two classic records that have endless replay value). To have experienced either act in their local territory as foundational acts when their core four records were released seems insane, but both were once garage bands who played mini venues and originated an initial following from the Bay Area. Power Trip is a window into that world. One spin of last year’s “Nightmare Logic” on vinyl will make you bust out the leather and headbang until side B is summoned. The band is currently out on the road with a blend of acts, and will land in Brooklyn May 9th, with legacy hardcore outfit Outburn. Much can be said about that bill, but this band is setting themselves up to one day be a headliner at Download. Mark my words @therecentlyadded MUSIC 

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