BOTM - June - Trail Of Lies

Trail Of Lies. Syracuse, NY. If you want hardcore, then you get hardcore. These DIY soldiers slam the door shut on no-frills, no-fills two-step and deliver the goods on multiple EPs, singles, and most recently TRA’s highlight, “W.A.R.” The band’s lyrical content brings to mind early Hatebreed subtleties of perseverance and staying hopeful,  while staying true to the grind and paying their dues on the road. Countless shows alongside Code Orange, and a stint on this year’s This Is Hardcore should give the band the upper hand they need to get exposure, it may just take a little more than preaching to the choir to have the band break away from their underground roots. Don’t sleep on this superb act and don’t miss your chance to catch them live, should they suddenly throw in the towel to focus on real jobs @therecentlyadded MUSIC 

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