Chelsea Grin “Eternal Nightmare”

After a huge shift in personnel, the group snaps back quickly with a new vocalist and a tight, four-piece lineup. The route the band took on Self Inflicted is further developed with many of the songs being heavily groove oriented and dismissing the technical flare present in Ashes To Ashes. The proficiency of the rhythm department is best in class, with Pablo executing a performance of a lifetime, with great vocal bellows, alongside his most colorful percussion display to date. The flare present in his fills in between breaks and buildups are sensational and carry the majority of the rhythm section’s monotonous droning. At times Chelsea Grin forget who they are, like when they accidentally perform Meshuggah’s “Dancers To A Discordant System” as the opening riff to “Nobody Listened.” But who would even notice such intricacies and be bothered by it? In the end, the band continues their campaign and their artistic integrity doesn’t seem to be bothered by the groups reorg.

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