Erra “Neon”

It’s been a long, hard road for Erra, one that’s seen almost a half dozen vocalists in and out of the band as the prog-djent act tried to get their image and sound together. Throughout that time, the band released a handful of excellent albums and sustained their presence in the scene and managed to continue to perform consistently on every other metalcore tour that was announced for the past five years. Neon finds the band in pristine form. The songwriting has clearly been honed in with tracks like “Monolith” being an instant highlight. More importantly Jesse Cash finally has a complete lineup to execute the vision he deserves to see come to fruition, for he truly is the brains behind this band. While the clean vocals definitely stand out and his performance on the record is the best in the band’s catalogue, having that proper low end vocalist buttoned up is crucial for the band’s presence in the metal community.

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