Terror “Total Retaliation”

Terror has always felt like they developed the hardcore scene. Even though the band originated from the early 2000’s, Vogel and Co.’s presence in the scene always felt like a natural inclusion that presented such a level of confidence that a sense of ownership over the community always seemed to belong to the band, regardless of the lineup. Certainly the band comes from a long lineage of hardcore legacy, but now, twenty years into their career, the moniker is truly noteworthy with the band ever deserving. Terror’s latest record finds them working alongside mastermind Will Putney, who’s put his finishing touches on many notable releases in the past few years. The band is still as convincing as ever, the production is as mint as it comes, and there doesn’t seem to be stopping them anytime soon. Total Retaliation is sure to bring more stage dives, more merch hauls, and more trips through this country’s gas stations than Terror has seen in the last five years. Here’s to hoping the band gets the notoriety their hard work deserves and a tour alongside some of the finest in the scene is sure to do just that.

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