The Armed “Only Love”

If you recall Horse The Band and their effort to capture what they referred to as “Nintendocore” then you might be able to have a strong foundation to what The Armed accomplish on their latest release. While not as comedic or animated as HTB, The Armed are definitely a noisy bunch. This is a hard, scratchy listen that varies in time signatures and never settles on a single groove. There are blast beats, screeching vocals, pummeling double bass, and a sea of synthesizers sailing in the landscape to capture a really wide pallet of elements to write some pretty intense hardcore anthems. It’s definitely metal-based, punk oriented avant-garde artcore that’s almost impossible to explain. The synth based cutaways also manage to dilute the intensity at times, and add a layer of color that really hasn’t been exploited in the aggressive space. But there are so many other elements at play, that it’s hard to pinpoint what really makes this all standout. While it may be too noisy and all over the place for some, there’s certainly a whole lot to take in during it’s forty minute run time that makes the listening experience of Only Love a memorable one.

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