Atreyu “In Our Wake”

On their seventh release Atreyu does what they do best: Deliver a great Atreyu record. For those who’ve been following along, the band’s shed their hardcore sensibilities early in their career, and ever since Lead Sails... the band has had a penchant for arena rock balladry that overtook the majority of the release. While Long Live catered to the band’s legacy catalogue, it’s clear the band is set on their vision and sound of the band, and on their latest record they deliver the big sound once again and line up a series of songs that highlight their skillset well. That’s not to say that it isn’t sandwiched by some straight stinky cheese in the form of the album’s opener that may turn even the most diehard fan away, but all of the band’s albums have had those glaring moments that would make you cringe. It seems like Alexs and company can’t get through almost every other track without somehow delivering a head turning moment. But if you can make it through the duration of the record, there’s more than a handful of tracks that are worth Atryeu staying in the modern metal landscape.

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