All That Remains “Victim Of The New Disease”

The metalcore heavyweights unleash a new batch of anthems to cement their logo above Killswitch Engage on tour rosters across the globe for years to come. While the band has strayed from their metallic roots over the years, their latest record finds the band in pristine form, honing in on the aggressive elements that got them into acclaim in the first place. Album opener “Fuck Love” seems to set the tone just right before leaping into a ballad only legacy Metallica could deliver. All That Remains are next in line to take a headliner position alongside Avenged Sevenfold with their intentions of battling Slipknot for their focused sound. Corey Taylor’s influence is highly evident here, and while not exactly flatlining completely, it won’t be until the masked prodigy goes away that anything else that sounds remotely similar will rise to the same capacity.

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