Black Tongue “Nadir”

One of the sludgiest act’s in the doom/slam scene, Black Tongue deliver another earth shattering listening experience to drain the swamp dry of any copycats that may be stifling the band’s rise to notoriety in this niche space. While the record is a bit of a chore to get through, it’s such an experience to ride along with the band in their epic delivery of what is sure to be a hallmark moment for the doom and gloom community. There’s so much flare amongst the sludge, that it’s clear the band has a different approach to their objectives than most of the bands dabbling in this sound.  What is surprising is the band’s ability to keep it fresh while still sound so devastatingly slow and monotonous, encapsulating the weight of their signature tone in a sheen execution. It’s clear that there’s a ton of effort that needs to be done to develop this subgenre more, and as long as Black Tongue has the right support, it’s bound to be a sound that can accomplish what Behemoth did with the black metal space, and eventually sold out Playstation Theater. You’ve been warned. Nadir is one evil sounding record.

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