Smashing Pumpkins “Shiny And Oh, So Bright, Vol. 1”

A few months ago, Smashing Pumpkins set out on a massive tour to capture audiences far and wide who may have missed the band in their heyday or perhaps were simply looking to relive their 90’s glory. While the tour seemed to have been a success, with anniversary sets featuring some of music’s most influential players, the band’s latest accompaniment to their revival is anything but.
     Blockbuster names like this alternative juggernaut will always have space on the rack (or digital rack these days), but it’s not for thought provoking execution, that’s for sure. The tracks on the band’s record fall flat and uninspired and even as I write this I think of “Alienation” and what a lame song it is. 
     The whole record plays like no music has been released between Billy Corgan’s Smashing Pumpkins albums and doesn’t consider their output into the scene. While it’s perfectly fair for a band to mind their own, and disassociate themselves from what’s currently out in the market, for someone who listens to everything that’s out there, Smashing Pumpkins just cannot hang in modern day society. If this was released as a debut, chances are it’d be overlooked as the album plays like a wet napkin, largely stroking the act’s ego . Check it out so you too can be informed.

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