Unearth “Extinction(S)”

Plenty can be said about Unearth’s contribution to the overall state of modern metal, and it’s unfortunate that not much actually is said. It seems as if Parkway Drive, Killswitch Engage, and All That Remains have engulfed the metalcore space and taken ownership of its branding. Even As I Lay Dying, with as much negative press as they’re associated with, seem to have risen above to the higher ranks. 
     On their latest record, Unearth seem to be interested in channeling the energy of their debut, a record that revolutionized modern metal for the better and set the path and tone for what was eventually to develop in the hardcore/metal community. With endless alarm clock riffs, punctual execution the band is now focused on writing aggressive quality tunes in a jaded scene and let their branding do the rest, it’s just unfortunate to see the band still playing sheds, twenty years into their career.

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