Kaonashi “Why Did You Do It?”

The frustrating part with this band is the fact that they’re rolling solo with no management, agent, or label to highlight the work they’re putting into their act. While each show has been a pile stacked on top of itself, mashed between slam dancing and crowd killing, the band’s material shows more dynamics than can be expected and their latest release shows the wide range the band’s frontman can deliver, but also the variety of elements that drive the act’s eclectic, and very animated songwriting skills. Sure, there’s plenty of monotony and melodic elements that seem to linger endlessly, but when the band hones itself in and focuses their spotlight on their craft, they deliver some surprising tricks, all highly worth notoriety. Kaonashi deserves to be the next group to get scooped up by a Pure Noise, or dare I say it, Rise Records.

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