The Fever 333 “Strength In Numb333rs”

When Letlive split it seemed completely out of nowhere. The band had just released several successful records, was getting proper acclaim, landing solid tours, and suddenly threw in the towel. Riding that trajectory into the garbage seemed a little odd and was honestly a waste of efforts regarding the work the band put into getting any notoriety at all. Butler’s presence on stage always hinted at something odd. At times so ferocious and intense, he’d be clawing at his skin to showcase just how “into it” he was. Perhaps he wanted to get away from that emotional burden and free himself of his commitment to it. Nobody really knows, but it is surprising to see another act spring up so quickly, that unfortunately has a third of the artistic merit Letlive had. 

     Fast forward a year later, and The Fever is at our door step with this childish rap-rock release. The only reason you’d bother checking this out would be to see what Butler is doing, or to hear The Chariot’s Stephen Harris’ modern execution on the axe. It’s unfortunate Letlive needed to split and this is what we get in return, a sort of Stray From The Path effort, that even they wouldn’t sneer at as b-sides.

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