Code Orange “Underneath”

At first impression it’s clear the band are the lords of riffage. The heavy parts of the record when the band is in classic CO mode, everything rips proper, bringing to mind all the reasons the band rose from the ashes of the underground in the first place. The rest of the sorcery and playfulness of all the bells and whistles Shade is layering all over the record is admirable but can be take it or leave it. It’s nice to have motifs throughout, but sometimes it feels like overkill. Some of the alternative jams here are a mixed bag and may alienate some fans as the band leaps into new territory, with several songs being stronger than others and present a band operating on a very high level. But a record this dense is worthy of several spins before taking it all in which will ensure listeners will return for multiple plays, making the execution of this album a huge success in the band’s already very convincing legacy.

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