The Acacia Strain “Wormwood”

Ten years ago, The Acacia Strain shape-shifted. DL took the backseat in the lab after “Continent” and the lineup began to change in the live setting. In the studio however, things were cooking up with DL introducing eight strings and writing/composing every track on this beauty. This approach would essentially lure his sights elsewhere, towards his commitment to Legend (or LGND) and other various projects. What you get is a testing ground of sorts, where songs like “Terminated” play out of Pandora’s box and would essentially provide a wormhole for the band to help get their sound to where it is today. Aside from Side A hosting an array of the band’s biggest hits, the album showcased new art ideas and layouts that ushered in the modern era of the band. The present themes have been consistent during the last decade of their existence and are even prevalent today in the group’s singles series. This is arguably The Acacia Strain’s “Jane Doe”; the record that took them from being another “deathcore” staple, to truly something special. Try and get your hands on one of the 250 splatter variants that were reintroduced in 2019. The mix is definitely and layout are definitely worth it.

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