Kingdom of Giants “Passenger”

Take me back to 2011 when Chugcore and Deathcore Essence were dishing up mediafire .rar files to hoard endlessly in vats of hard drives. It was during this era that I snagged “Abominable” and let it sink into the bank littered with masses of countless like sounding bands doing the whole riff-raff noodly metalcore thing with clean vocals and occasional breakdowns. Nine years later, the band marches on and delivers a pinnacle release, that while still specializing in the same genre of musical tendencies, elevates their game and heightens their performance to showcase their ability at a new level. Maybe its Sharptone coming to the rescue and dishing up “Black Album” like production, or maybe the band really is just that good. Whatever it is, alongside this badass cover, Kingdom of Giants shine in a see of complacency at a time where the talent pool is shifting and providing new opportunities for the next league of acts to rise to the occasion.

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