Volumes “Happier?”

Not going to lie, I was expecting this to be a flaming pile of hot garbage, but I was pleasantly surprised. Track after track the band delivers in refined form, turning their back on the weak efforts of their last few releases. I’ve been here since “Wormholes” popped off on a blog somewhere before “Via” and have kept an eye on this band for the entirety of their career. This is great stuff for Volumes, and the cleans are placed intricately throughout the record and aren’t overwhelming in the front and center. They have their place in their appropriate tracks even though it’s not what I come to this band for, there’s just no turning back now. This is a part of their DNA whether we like it or not. Live it’s just Myke and Mike up front, and their bass player Raad, with their drummer holding it down in the rear, but the guitars are also coming through correct. It seems like they’re giving credit to some dude name Max Schad in Diego’s absence.

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