Fit For A King “The Hell We Create”

I feel like this is where we cross the line. I don’t want to ask, but have to ask, Is this authentic? FFAK seems to just be cycling breakdowns with bland messaging. The vocal cadence is also silly. Sometimes rapping the harsh vocals, before the lollipop cleans come soaring in like an anime movie. It’s all just too much for me. What is the point? More dun, dun, dun type redundancy endlessly being redone done, done. I can’t tell by the lyrics I paid attention to if the band still appeals to Christian ideals, but there’s so many other bands I can be listening to as they so clearly are just, not for me. But given that FFAK trolls in the same space as a lot of other alternative metal, I always feel like they’re a band that has potential, so I check them out just in case, but as always, they so predictably deliver Hot Pockets for dinner instead.

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