Avenged Sevenfold “Life Is But a Dream…”

Finally gracing us with their worth, A7X deliver their (supposed) magnum opus full length to mixed reviews. For a record as dense as this you’d think it’d have divided the masses. But it’s now been a few weeks since its release, and things are, well, rather amicable. Maybe the fans are ready for something this bold and left of center from a band that was once the torch bearers of metallic hardcore to continue to headline the festivals. There’s the lush Queen influence throughout the record’s first half that works well with the band’s alternative brand of metal that’s known to embrace massive audiences. While tracks 8 - 10 may perhaps have been wonderfully illustrated on the back of a cocktail napkin, in reality they’re sloppy and poorly written songs that somehow got no slack at all, but even then their impact flails in comparison to the album’s definitive first half. The record is an important one to listen to. It’s as far as we can take things in the mega band space when comparing what other ultra superstar outfits are doing (Parkway Drive, Slipknot, etc.), and for what it’s worth, it’s actually got some pretty good songs on it.

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