Candy “It’s Inside You”

After 2022’s “Heaven Is Here,” it’s hard to imagine that Candy would be able to deliver such a thrilling hardcore record smacked full of digital nuance and texture. The prior release was such a challenging listen, that it’s almost as if it were a remix album of sorts adjacent to the band’s catalog. But here we are with Candy’s latest installment and boy is it a wild ride from start to finish packed with entertainment. 


It’s rare that a two-step thrash hardcore outfit would be able to stray so far left of center, while still relying on such traditional roots, but the band is leveraging their new album to highlight their effectiveness as an outstanding band that only seems to surface when they feel appropriate. Light on shows, but heavy on impact, Candy deliver one of the finest hardcore record we’ve heard so far this year. That’s right. It’s June and we’re already sitting on a gold mine. This year’s AOTY contenders still have plenty to recon with, but there’s no way calloused listeners won’t hear the differentiator in this collection of tracks, especially those who’ve been here since the band’s debut.

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