The Hope Conspiracy “Tools of Oppression/Rule by Deception”

Eighteen years since the band released the magnificent “Death Knows Your Name,” The Hope Conspiracy deliver a follow up LP with enough energy and enthusiasm that feels like it’s been captured in the same sessions. Powerful riffs hammer away alongside groovy drums with little room for excess frills, fills and breakdowns. The band delivers an audio assault unlike any other act with its signature strums paralleled with stern messaging about the decay of modern civilization. While two of the tracks we heard on last year’s “Confusion/Chaos/Misery” EP, there’s plenty here to excite their legacy fanbase. 

A RATM of sorts in the hardcore space that seems super relevant for the current epoch. Undeniably one of the year’s most notable, prolific and important hardcore releases, and if you’ve never bothered with the band during their reigning years, here’s a reminder to check out both “Endnote” and “Cold Blue” to skip back to a time where Equal Vision Records was superbly on the nose.

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